03 December 2021 09:14

WHY WIFE CARES FOR HER HUSBAND TO LOOK HANDSOME AND NOT VICE VERSA: By nature God has made woman folk nimble, and attractive. That is in all human beings even upto animals, insects etc.that female is attracted by male. She has a natural charm from birth itself. This natural instinct gives her the opportunity and advantage to get more and more attractive and beautiful. That is why all fashion is oriented towards female and as female makes all efforts from wear to ornaments, make-ups for fragrance to keep the skin soft and elegant more and more, it becomes natural that as a loving partner, wife wants that her husband also looks handsome and when they walk along, both look as the exceptional pair in a manner not less than the stars. It is the desire and effort of the female which has changed the habits and wear of the man. Though the man has changed in habits and manners of wear, but when compared to woman, he cares less and spends much less on wear and ornamentation than a woman. As the woman all the time remains keen for her beauty, her skill and instinct for fashion develop more and more and as a result leaves the husband more or less careless and/or to depend on wife to make the selections for him and also those which go well with her attire. There are many men who are fashion leaders in almost all spheres as also which phenomenon we see in the cooking sphere as well, I think it is because women were left to the households and were not given opportunity to move out and mix up with men folk in general, women as such lagged behind, but now we find women are getting to Fashion Field quickly and we see them in restaurants, clubs etc. Whether it is good or bad, is another subject. BUT THE FACT REMAINS THAT WOMAN TAKES THE LEAD TO ENSURE THAT THE MAN IS ALSO WELL DRESSED AND WHAT IS WHAT I HAVE CALLED, IT IS MOSTLY AND PROMINENTLY THE WIFE WHO CHOOSES WHAT THE HUSBAND IS TO WEAR AND NOT VICE VERSA. tks