15 August 2019 04:12

WIFE IS CONSTRUCTOR AND DESTROYER OF THE FAMILY, WHY SO. The reasons I think are that when the girl leaves her house, parents and friends, her sole aim is to BUILD UP HER OWN FAMILY, HER OWN HOUSE AND ACCEPT HER HUSBAND AN IDEAL ONE, WITH ALL QUALITIES AND NO DEFECTS AT ALL, AND IF THESE ARE, THESE ARE OF NO IMPORTANCE AND NEED TO BE IGNORED FOR THE SAKE OF LIVING A HAPPY MARRIED LIFE, THIS IS THE PURPOSE FOR WHICH SHE DECIDES TO LEAVE ALL. It is generally said money is corrupt and haunts the man throughout his life, if not wisely controlled and subjected to his satisfaction and enjoyment. LIKEWISE WIFE needs to be taken care of, appreciated, respected, valued for her ideas and aims and most important of all TO BE HONEST LOYAL AND FIDEL. ... I WILL SAY AND EMPHASISE THAT IT IS THE HUSBAND WHO HOLDS THE COMMAND TO CREATE THE DESIRED ENVIRONMENT FOR LOVE AND HAPPINESS, AND IF THE HUSBAND IS CONSCIOUS OF THIS FACT AND DOES ALL TO ENSURE THAT HER WIFE REMAINS HAPPY, I AM SURE, WIFE WILL ALWAYS BE CONSTRUCTIVE RATHER THAN DESTRUCTIVE. She develops destructive attitude when she is not cared, not loved in dealings and behaviour etc. etc. and on the contrary is ignored, contradicted, not listened to, not accepted as a sole love, hereafter problems start emerging and destructive sentiments start growing. IF NOT BEFORE, THE HUSBAND NEEDS TO CORRECT HIMSELF IN BEHAVIOUR AND TOE THE LINE OF WHAT HIS WIFE WANTS, IF NOT IN TOTO, AT LEAST REMAINS ALL THE TIME IN RECONCILIATION, FINDS TIME TO LISTEN, UNDERSTAND WHAT SHE IS WISHING FOR, AND WHAT ACTIONS AND BEHAVIOUR ARE REQUIRED TO MOULD HIMSELF AND MAKE THE LIFE CONDUCIVE AND LOVING. .. this is the answer how the wife remains constructive, destructive she becomes when she feels all is lost, and there is nothing left to correct, except to take to vengence and destroy everything by all means possible, to teach a lesson, in belief if I am destroyed, let me do all to destroy him and the family we both wished and struggled to build but have failed and have brought it to a pass non-returnable. tks