21 January 2021 08:50

WIFE IS FRAGRANCE; she needs to be preciously cared for as we keep a bottle of fragrance preciously, we do not let it evaporate, let us not in the same manner allow the smiling and loving behaviour of the wife to disappear, knowingly or unknowingly, we sprinkle fragrance preciously on the front portion of our body and on the face as well, likewise if we embrace the wife, wish and appreciate her caring attentively as we care for the fragrance in the bottle, we will enjoy the soothing effect of wife whole day as we keep up the fragrance on us and enjoy its effect the whole day. CAUTION. As rose flower is the most loved flower of the most, it needs to be watered every day, doesn't need to be plucked as its fragrance and enjoyment will be lost for ever, hence the wife also needs to be appreciated every day with smile, embrace, kiss etc and appreciation, not only overlooking the faults if any but never ever allow these to come about and influence the thinking and mind, shall be ever rewarding to enjoy the married life in happiness and pleasure. Also do remember that rose flower is nourished and flourished through thorns which remain dry as these give and sacrifice all their strength to maintain and strengthen the flavour and fragrance of the rose flower, likewise the difficulties and responsibilities are part of the married life and if these happen ever, these happen to embolden and enrich the relationship between the husband and the wife. HENCE FRAGRANCE IS EVER LASTING IF EVERY DAY CARED FOR, BUT ENJOYMENT COMES TO THOSE WHO PRECIOUSLY CARE AND NOURISH IT EVERY DAY. WISH YOU ALL, JUST TRY IT. TKS vasdevloond