07 September 2021 12:52

4TH. MOTHER-IN-LAW, DAUGHTER IN-LAW AND HUSBAND; EXTREME; WIFE GETS BACK TO HER PARENTS HOUSE, ALAS ALL LOST, ALL DREAMS AND ASPIRATIONS HAVE GOT SHATTER AND ARE GONE CRUMBLING. What a shocking and unbearable situation is for the girl and her parents as if sky has fallen and all has gone flat into gloom, regrets, repentance, fault finding etc. etc. least to think of answers except REVENGE. This departure from the house which was hers, exists no more, the husband who was soulmate, protector, etc. has turned a STRANGER, if not an enemy. In such a situation, accusations, shouts and at times blows are common in rage, at times, ending up in lodging FIR with police. retreat takes place in tears and regrets. 2. when the girl is leaving the house, the husband and his family let her take whatever she wants to take,possibly which she thinks is hers. 3. if the couple has children, especially the small ones, the husband must ensure to let the estranged wife to take them with her, causing no resistance, in order to avoid legal tangles as also to leave her in a mood of reconciliation, perhaps it may happ QUESTION ARISES, DOES THERE EXIST ANY SOLUTION TO GET OUT OF THIS CHAOTIC SITUATION? 1. Law and mediation courts stipulate 6 months for reconciliation before divorce papers could be filed. This is called cooling time for reflection and reconciliation. 2. Reconciliation is also tried through some trusted impartial person(s). 3. Faced by separation, regrets and difficulties to live alone whereby all dreams have gone crumbling, life seems to have stopped and/or is perhaps thrown into sea of complaints, reflextion to even if the other party taunted and used provoking behaviour,perhaps I would not have lost patience, thought over why and how this sudden change in my soulmate, perhaps such a situation could be avoided. Why did I not put away my ego and thought over what would be the consequences of this conflict and how the life will go on hereafter. . 4. Now that what was to happen,has happened, now should I go into revenge,claim what is due for maintenance, go to court and legal battle, whether all is lost or still there remains some answer to get over the situation. SOLUTION; 1st and important: I think and advise that the husband should shun his ego, reflect on the consequences, how hard the future life will be, MUST DECIDE TO GET TO IN-LAWS HOUSE AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE. .. must be prepared to settle and commit to all possible situations to save his MARRIAGE, needless to say, the more the time shall pass, the more hardened the situation will become, HENCE THIS ACTION TO GET TO IN-LAWS needs to be taken the quickest possible. be prepared to face the situation and behaviour of in-laws, shun ego, be determined not to get into justifications, remain firm in his sole aim to BRING BACK HIS WIFE AND AS SUCH SAVE THE MARRIAGE. It is possible he may be put to questions and commit assurance as to how he will be able to tackle the situation which he could not earlier and whether he would ready to live separately with his wife in a micro unit, so as to avoid repeat of such a situation. The husband needs to have patience and get into reflection whether he could do it and who will take care of his parents. He must be frank to discuss with his in-laws, perhaps in the company of his estranged wife, and all sit together to get to the solution. CAUTION; once decided and committed, he is to do it at all costs and stand by his wife. THIS I THINK WILL REMAIN THE ONLY ANSWER TO SAVE THE MARRIAGE. ESSENTIAL; if at all decision is taken to get to divorce, please get into mediation, do not insist for unjustifiable maintenance, right to property money lost in marriage celebrations etc. INSTEAD MUST ASK FOR WHAT THE HUSBAND COULD AFFORD, BETTER IN RECONCILIATION THAN TAKING TO REVENGE. ADVICE; The earlier divorce, if and when decided, must be quickened and not be allowed to prolong in demands and accusations, must THINK WHAT HAS HAPPENED WAS TO HAPPEN, NOW LET US START OUR NEW LIFE AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE. tks. comments.