WINNER 5-2-21

05 February 2021 02:22

WINNER. To become winner I feel, is the wish of almost everyone. In definition, it means excelling others in competition. It may start one to one, go to groups and finally to the public at large. Paradoxically it makes happy the winner while it leaves the loser in regrets and weeping perhaps. Further we find this struggle never ends, the winner doesnt wish to lose while the loser struggles to win over and leave his rival to put him/her in the same miserable situation as he/she had to face. Nevertheless, as life comes to an end one day, likewise this struggle of winner and loser continues until and unless (1) physique gives in (2) feels dissipated by 2-3 defeats after the wins (3) shifts to some other activities (4) maybe rules and regulations change and/or were infringed (5) couple and family prob'lems etc. etc. Each and every struggle and competition comes to an end one day or the other, maybe (1) in studies (2) in jobs (3) business (d) politics (4)) games and races and what not, Desire to compete develops due to inborn and inherent attitudes, strengths etc, it could happen by circumstances, at times opportunities also excite and incite to jump into competition, sometime poverty and miserable circumstances also force a person to struggle for competition and win rewards, sometime in pursuit of parents profession and/or their wish. However despite given all these, most important stand the zeal, spirit and determination never to give in and also the belief that I am the winner and shall certainly win one day or the other. Hence it is said that failure should not be taken as a failure, but must be turned to determination as a step forward to win and there are innumerable examples as to prove this fact. In conclusion. EACH ONE OF US HAS POTENTIAL TO COMPETE, ONE NEEDS TO ANALYES WHICH THOSE ARE BETTER AND SUPERIOR TO OTHERS, HOW AND IN WHAT MANNER I COULD EXPRESS AND EXPLOIT TO TURN THESE TO THE BEST, BECOME WINNER AND REMAIN WINNER UNTIL AND UNLESS I WISH FOR AND/OR CIRCUMSTANCES DO NOT ALLOW TO CONTINUE ANY MORE. ................................................................... written by vasdevloond founder of marriage guidance new concept, cots free marriage bureau NGO: contact vasdevloond 9811943867