08 March 2020 04:30

WOMEN EMPOWERMENT WILL COME ABOUT THROUGH (1) girls get more and more educated (2) go to co-education schools which shall enable them to mix up and face each other as equals in studies, travels, behaviour (3) in this open society some incidents will happen, but girls shall move about in this open society, the fearless they will become (4) their dressing up must remain sober, congenial to work, move outside for shopping etc, while in socialising , on special occasions, marriages, all fashion attires they must wear as the girls want (5) should not be armed as I feel girl/woman can win more by her charm than by arm and once she takes to arm, her homely life will get disturbed, adjustment and tolerance will find no place (6) then how to defend, answer lies in, to move in company, move with colleagues, parents, brothers etc., not to get into lonely places etc. keep small protective answers like spray, know helpline numbers etc. which do not need dialing but go just by click etc. etc. (7) preferably take to part-time jobs like teaching etc. home making and taking care of children be the prime motto and for this THE STATE MUST GIVE GIRLS AFTER MARRIAGE MAINTENANCE ALLOWANCE AND FOR ALLOWANCE UPTO 2 CHILDREN, allowance should be good enough to avoid temptation for work, ensures her independence and enable her to take care of the house and the children breeding and bringing up children by herself than by maids (8)men to wash off gender bias and treat women as equals in collaboration and division of work and as human beings as also to accept that WOMAN IS AN ESSENTIAL PART OF COUPLE AND THE FAMILY (9) more and more enlightenment by media, parents, institutions and the state (10) woman is nimble, charm and love, she must remain and maintain these postures and SHOULD NEITHER TAKE TO JOBS WHICH AFFECT THESE POSTURES AND NATURAL GIFTS, NOR ARM THEMSELVES FOR DEFENSE as I think all such acts will pervert their mind and as such adjustment will get difficult (11) should a woman go to police station to lodge a complaint against her husband etc. I think IN EXTREMES, YES, as otherwise once such a step is taken, conjugal relations will exist no more (12) law is to take its own course, but shelter of law by women should be taken in EXTREMES ONLY. HENCE WOMEN EMPOWERMENT IS ESSENTIAL TO TAKE THEM TO EQUAL STATUS BUT IF MISUSED UNDER THE SHELTER OF LAW, IT COULD TAKE TO BREAK OF CONJUGAL RELATIONS WHICH IN NO WAY WILL BE GOOD FOR THE SOCIETY NOR FOR INDIVIDUALS THEMSELVES. tks