03 December 2021 09:09

ON WOMEN: what a wonderful narration which is reproduced hereunder: "women need to be romanced. Women are like electric ovens, they take a long time and then a lot time to cool down. Men are like gas stoves, phoom they are on fire and phoom they are off. Women need love to get sex, men go from sex to love"written by ALLAN PEASE 1. There is no doubt woman needs to be loved, loved alone and none else 2. she needs to be appreciated in toto as she is and does not relish any adverse remarks and the worst not be criticised and found fault 3. she is all admiration for the man when married, finds him an embodiment of all virtues, gifted to her to fulfill all her needs and aspirations 3. After GOD she sees in man after marriage, as the sole living great entity to provide her all comforts, love, enjoyment and peace. 4. woman is a great benevolent until and unless she is provoked to lose patience and fire back. 5. nevertheless when woman flares up, there is nothing to stop, she needs time to cool down in helplessness and/or by apologetic behaviour, expression and explanation by man(the husband). 5, woman is all for the man(husband), praying all the time for the health, long life and progress of the man(husband) and feels never tired to assume all responsibilities of the house-hold in return for love and appreciation 6. woman's love as a mother is immense,unforgettable and almost all children in difficulties or otherwise think of the mother much more than for the father, which I think is because she gives birth to the child, her love for the child(ren) gets natural and spontaneous. CONCLUSION; man, if he wants to live a happy life at home and outside, he must remember, that the woman he has married and accepted her as wife, needs that she is loved, appreciated and comforted in all respects irrespective of how she is, perhaps not as per expectations, nonetheless she has willingness and is quick to adapt to the situations as she is confronted with.