29 January 2020 10:35

WORDS MUST BE SUPPORTED BY ACTION, OTHERWISE THESE ARE LIES....Since lies have become more gainful, most of us employ all means to TURN LIES INTO TRUTH. We consciously and unconsciously bother about lies, what ultimate harm these will inflict to us as also to others, we do not feel ashamed or afraid of telling lies and advancing all sorts of arguments to prove that we are talking truth. As such we continue in our behaviour, belief and do all to pursue lies. On the contrary, alas, TRUTH is a hard process. It needs to be fully convinced in truth and be ready o face all odds, rebukes and even punishment. This happens only to those who believe that TRUTH IS WINNER ALWAYS SOONER OR LATER and as such these persons continue to struggle on the path of truth and persist in it in disregard of inconvenience, losses, abuses and sermons to belittle them by all means and in all manners. LIES WHEN, IN SHORT, TURN INTO HABIT, THESE BECOME DESTRUCTIVE in relationships, maybe in family, workplace and everywhere. It makes one coward, choose to remain aloof and disliking for others. CONCLUSON; In this present world and the environments we live in. it is not easy not to lie, but CAUTION, MUST LIE IN EXTREME UNAVOIDABLE CIRCUMSTANCES BUT NEVER IN ROUTINE AND NEVER TURN IT INTO HABIT. ... TRUTH ONE MUST AIM AT, MAKE IT A GOAL, BE CONSCIOUS AND NOT TO FALTER OR INDULGE INTO LIES AND IF AT ALL IT HAPPENS, TO MAKE AMENDS IN REGRETS NEVER TO REPEAT AGAIN AND IF POSSIBLE, TO EXPRESS TO THE PERSON AFFECTED, THAT WHAT HAPPENED BY MY ACTION AND BEHAVIOUR, PLEASE DO NOT FEEL HURT AND THAT IT WILL NEVER BE REPEATED . tsk