15 December 2020 10:54

WORRIES NEVER ALLOW THESE TO GROW THINK OF SOLUTION WHICH IS ALWAYS THERE. ..................................................................... -ZINDGI CHALTEE JATEE HAI -ISSAI CHALNAI DENA HAI ZAROOR -HAI BANDAI PRESHAN NAN HONA TU KABHI -PRESHAN HONAIN SAI -MILTA NAHIN KUCHH BHEE KABHEE -BULKAI INSSAN KUCHH KHO HEE SAKTA HAI ZAROOR -AUR IS PRAKAR SAI PAA SAKTA HAI NAHIN KUCHH BHEE -AISAI HOTA HAI KIYON MAGAR -HO SAKTA YEH BHEE -KEH PRESHANIAN BARHTEE GAYEEN ITNI -KEH KUCHH AB HO SAKTA HEE NAHIN -SOCHTA HOON MEIN AB MARNAI KAI LIYAI BAHUT, JEENAI KAI LIYAI BAHUT KAM HEE -TAB SAWAL PAIDA HOTA YE BHEE -KIYON ISS MEIN NAIN BARHNAI DEEN YEH PRESHANIAN SAREE -HO SAKTA HAI MEIN NAIN -KEE HO KOSHISH EK DO BAR HEE -LEKIN PRESHANIYAN DOOR HOYEE HEE NAHIN -BAS TAB TOR DIYA HAI MEIN NAIN DIL APNA, AUR HIMAT BHEE -AB PRESHANIAN BARHTEE GAYEEN -MAGAR JAWAB MILA HEE NAHIN KOYEE KABHEE -DIN BEETAI GAYAI ISS SOCH MAIN HAR VAKAT JEENAI AUR MARNAI MAIN HEE -VICHAR AHSTA AHSTA BARHTA GYA YHAN TAK HEE -KEH AB MARNAI KAI ILAWA -AUR KOYEE RASTA BACHA HEE NAHIN -BAS AB IN VICHARON MAIN DIN BEETATAI GAYAI AUR PRESHANIAN BARHTEE GAYEEN -AB YEH SAVAL PAIDA HUA YEH BHEE -KYA KOYEE JAWAB BACHA HAI AB BHEE IN PRESHANION KO DOOR KARNAI KAI LIYAI HEE -SAMAJH MAIN AATA NAHIN YEH KABHEE BHEE -ROTA PEETA RAHTA MEIN EKELAI HAR VAKAT HEE -AUR KIYON AUR KISS KIYAI HEE -NAN AYA KOYEE MADAD KARNAI KAI LIYAI HEE MERI -BAS AB TO VAKATA BEET HEE GAYA HAI -KOSHSHAIN MEIN NAI KEE HAIN HAR PARKAR KEE -YEH SOCHTAI SOCHTAI MARNAI AUR JEENAI KAI LIYAI HEE -BAS AB SOCHTAI SOCHTAI - MILA HAI JAVAB MUJHAI - YEH PRESHANIAN HAIN MERI AUR MUJHAI HEE HAL KARNEE HAIN ZAROOR -IN VICHARON VICHARON MAIN HEE BAS AYA KHYAL MUJHAI YEH BHEE -DHOONDO KOYEE INSSAN ITEBARVALA HEE -BIYAN KAR SAKO JISSKO -APNEE DASTAN AUR PRESHANIAN BHEE -BAS AB DHOOND LIYA HAI MEIN NAIN VOH INSSAN -KEH DIYA AUR SUNA DEEN USSAI PRESHANIAN SAREE -POOCHHA USS INSSAN NAIN MUJH SAI SOCHO TUM ZAROOR -VAJA KYA HAI IN SAB PRESHANION KEE TUMHAIN -KEHNAI LAGA MEIN YEH USS INSSAN KO HEE -JANTA TO HOON MEIN VAJA ZAROOR -MAGAR KAR PATA HOON MEIN KUCHH BHEE NAHIN -VOH INSSAN KARNAI LAGA ZID ZAROOR HEE -VAJAH TO TUMHAIN BATANEE HEE PARAI GEE ZAROOR -BATON BATON MAIN, POOCHHNAI POOCHHNAIN MAIN BHEE -MIL GYA JAVAB MUJHAI YEH BHEE ZAROOR -PRESHANIAN MUJHAI GHERTEE GAYEEN -AUR MEIN NAIN KOSHISH UTNEE KEE HEE NAHIN PRESHANION KEE VAJAH DHOODNAIN MAIN AUR UNKA HAL NIKALNAI MAIN HEE -BAS AB KYA KAHOON MEIN AAP SAB KO BHAYEE -PRESHANIAN TO AATEE RAHAINGEE -HAR VAKAT HEE -BEETANEE HAI ZINDGEE TUMHAIN AGAR -TO KOSHISH TO KARNEE PARAIGEE TUMHAIN HAR PARKAR KEE HEE -ZINDA RAHNAI KAI LIYAI AUR KHUSH RAHANAI KAI LIYAI HEE. -NATEJAI MAIN YEH KEHNA HAI MUJHAI AAP SAB KO ZAROO -HEY INSSAN HIMAT NAN HARNA TU KABHEE -KARTAI REHNA TU KOSHISH HAR PARKAR KEE JAVAB DHOODNAI AND USSKO HAL KARNAI MAIN HEE -BAS YAHEE HAI ZINDGEE -AUR ISSI KO CHALANA KAISAI AUR KISS PARKAR SAI HEE -YEH SAB KUCHH HAI -HAMARAI BAS MAIN -AUR HAMARI HIMAT MAIN HEE. ---------------------------------- English. Life goes on but it depends on how we spend it. Worries will come across all the time. What is important is to do judge whether I should allow worries to pass on and get washed away by passage of time or make some efforts to get rid of these. It is essential to remember that if I will not find answer to these worries, these will continue growing and at that time I will have to think whether it will not be better to die instead of remaining worried and accusing myself and my fate all the time. It also becomes important to know that during all these worries, why none has come forward to help me out. It is possible perhaps I have not made any efforts to find someone of confidence whom I could narrate my worries. As chance happened, I found someone, narrated him all and in return, I was asked to tell him what was the cause for these worries, he asked did you make any effort to find the answer and struggle for the answer to wipe off all these worries. Soon hereafter I realised that I remained all the time worried with the problems, never I thought of exploring any answer nor made enough efforts to get rid of these worries. Thus in narration and talk, I realised that I am relieved a lot and that it is me and me alone who is to look into the causes and find answer and equally important it is that I never lose heart and do efforts to get over the worries. Thus the conclusion is that worries will always happens, it is for us to look to the causes, search the answers and do relentless efforts not only to overcome the worries, but also to ensure that we live our life happily. . .................................................................. narrated by vasdevloond founder of marriage guidance new concept, free of cost marriage bureau, NGO and certified for its copyrights.. to contact vasdevloond 9811943867 vasdevloond@gmal.com www.marriageguidance.in www.facebook.com