14 November 2019 05:22

WOULD THE BOY AFTER MARRIAGE LIKE TO LIVE WITH IN-LAWS. Generally not, exceptionally perhaps. Why he does not want to live with in-laws in their house is the question. I think he does not want to be dictated by them, does not want to live in the manner they live, he does not want that his movement and choice of work is controlled. Further why he should leave his job. When the boy does not want to leave his job and does not want to adjust to the environments and manners in which the in-laws live, why should he impose such conditions on his wife after marriage. Is it not essential that when he commits to the wife in marriage celebrations that he will provide her all comforts and shall live and adjust as she will desire. On the contrary, when the girl as wife enters his house all promises are forgotten, the wife is made to do as he and his family likes. I think it is unjust firstly the husband must give some time to the wife to adjust to the new situations and deal with his parents to be patient and do all to adjust with his wife by the time she gets accustomed to the husband's family way of living etc. 2. there also arise some questions of dowry, why so, it must be the choice of the girl's family as it is free choice of the boy's family. 3. both are equal human beings, both need each other and are interdependants, then why should the husband control and dictate his terms, is it because the wife has come to his house and is supposed to accept all what she is asked to do. I think it is not just. INTERDEPENDENCE DEMANDS EQUALITY, FREEDOM OF LIVING IN THE MANNER EACH ONE WANTS, DISCUSS AND ADJUST WITH EACH THE BEST POSSIBLE TO LEAD A HAPPY LIFE. Hence if micro unit is the answer, the husband must willing accept that. If the husband wants that his wife should take care/keep healthy relations with his family, it is imperative that he must also fully respect and adjust with his wife's family. I AM SURE IF BOTH UNDERSTAND EACH OTHER AND NONE IMPOSES HIS/HER WILL, THERE IS GREAT POSSIBILITY THAT BOTH WILL ENJOY THEIR MARRIED LIFE AS AN ADMIRABLE COUPLE. tks