What Types Of Problems a Girl Faces Before Marriage and After

27 November 2017 07:54

Before marriage ceremonies:
1. Fear and uncertainties about the boy and his family.
2. Awful scenes of how to leave her family where she has been brought up and loved so far.
3. How will it be possible to break away from her friends, relations and colleagues who had been her life in play, jokes, enjoyments, little fights at times, of course, etc.
4. How she will find and go along with new friends and relations. Fear, tears, excitement and invisibles hover large in the mind of the girl which make her uneasy and sleepless. Love however overtakes all and awaits the occasion happen as ceremoniously as possible everyone greeting each other and enjoying the occasion, eager to watch how and when garland ceremony takes place. At the end she embraces the new family and gets her husband as a savor, care taker and life partner. Problems and realities of life after marriage unfold and manifest in expected and unexpected forms as enumerated a few of them hereunder: 1. Dreams about and realities of the husband
2. Family relationship
3. How to mould and bring her husband to love her and be on her side always.
4. How to adjust with work, colleagues and life at house.
5. To struggle and work hard so that her husband thinks of building his own family.
6. Gets ready to take decisions for his own family and for her in preference and to treat his parental family as secondary in importance in relationship and behavior and not, never as the first one.
7. Observes and makes relentless efforts by all means, in order that her husband forgets good or bad of his past and enjoys the present with her alone.
8. Observes to understand habits, manners, qualities and weaknesses of her husband and use all means to communicate, discuss, dialogue, persuade and convince her husband as to what are his qualities which are commendable and what are his weaknesses which need to be corrected so as to build their relations as a happy couple, boosted and motivated by their dream to have their own house, children, to care and look about their best education, best care and love in bringing them up and to create an admirable family.
To achieve her dreams and goal, she needs to master herself with:

  •             How to communicate
  •             When to communicate
  •             When desirable to communicate or to avoid and for how long.
  •             To keep in mind and practice the principle that communication is an art and as such one needs to know when, where and how to use it.
  •             Need to remember and recall always that woman has all means, charm and wits to win over man and make him adjust to what she wants.
  •             Needs always to remember and care not to hurt the ego of man as when it flares , the man forgets all goodness and insists  that what he is saying             and demanding is right and has to be accepted and complied with.
  •             Needs to observe the weakness, habits and attitudes of her husband, discern these and learn not only how to overcome these but also in what                manner to please and satiate to overcome his weaknesses.
  •             Must bear in mind that she is to spend hardly a few years in hardship to win over her husband, his family etc. and as soon as she will bear a child,             she will be loved and cared the reafter. Must remember that she is ultimate winner and that she is to bear and tackle the hardships with a few of     years  struggle and patience if is the situation and circumstances demand as such.
  •            Must remember always not to ever raise questions about her husband’s parents, brothers, sisters etc. and if at all, she is to say something against,     she must care to find the right moment, amenable mood and relaxed time  and is inclined to hear and understand what she wishesto convey,
Choose the right words and dialogue in such a congenial manner as not to hurt her husband’s ego or to ignite bent up feelings and love for his family etc. Also if he is not inclined, not to insist and wait for some other occasion to put across her feelings and difficulties. Needs to remember that hard times need patience and wait for right moment to talk over.