What a Resembling Comparison between Rose Flower and the Wife

27 November 2017 07:54

- Precious is rose flower,Precious is the wife. - Rose is colorful,Wife is incomparable  - Scent of rose spreads all around,Wife’s fragrance spreads happiness in house and all around. - rose pauses at night in order to be in full bloom and charm in morning next,wife pauses at night, goes   to sleep when all are gone to bed and wakes up earliest of all to emit love to everyone. - Rose does not wish anyone to pluck it,wife does not want anyone to destroy her love and happiness. - rose needs to be nourished daily with cold water and fertilized when required,Wife needs to be cared   for, appreciated and admired all around and always. - If one dares to pluck rose, not only it loses its scent but withers away instead,wife if rebuked, gets   hurt, loses her charm and fragrance also withers away.  - Rose flower as it withers; it turns pale and soaks as lifeless,wife when hurt, dries out in despair,   anguish and helplessness. - rose flower as it turns into dry leaves, pale, abandoned,Wife when hurt, gets merged in repentance,   feels neglected and abandoned. - wind comes in, takes away rose flower dried lifeless leaves to which destination one knows not,wife   develops diseases, falls ill, withers away, gets thinner and thinner, turns more or less like a skeleton   and vanishes sooner or later where her soul goes, no one knows about. - One regrets and repents why he plucked the rose,so regrets and repents at his folly the husband, why did   he hurt his wife so indispensable and what was the need to come to such an irreparable loss. - Folly is a foolishness whether for the rose flower or for the wife,Hence one needs to be careful and   vigilant to nourish and let flourish the rose flower and the wife to enjoy permanent fragrance and  happiness. Caution:  Rose has fragrance, so has the wife to reach rose flower, one needs to cross through rough and pricky thorns, likewise to enjoy fragrance of wife always, one has to face certain hardships which are essential to maintain her fragrance and let it flourish every day.dare not to pluck the rose, repent you will always never hurt the wife, repent you will always thereafter. Slogan: To enjoy fragrance always and all the time:        Remember always:      - be careful not to hurt      - want to enjoy, care always      - to keep continuity, nourish, and make her flourish, admire her always.      - bear with her weaknesses and faults if any in the same manner as you overlook the thorns and care  for the rose. Pray:  Believe in the above recipe be careful and dare never to hurt and instead be flowery, admiring and loving always to enjoy charm, love and happiness of the wife in your entire life. Best marriage bureau in Gurgaon/Noida/Ghaziabad/Faridabad and India - to find best and reliable answers to have contacts, marriage guidance and counseling: all cost free Please contact mariage guidance new concept: vasdevloond - 9811943867, 08800685353 vasdevloond@gmail.com,www.marriageguidance.in,www.facebook.com/vasdevloond