Why it is so, one is sometime attracted by glimpse, emotions, imagination and cares For none except

27 November 2017 07:53

Why it is so, one is sometime attracted by glimpse, emotions, imagination and cares For none except

 LOVE IS BLIND - It is said so. What a charismatic attraction whereby one does not care for the family nor even for himself, remains always submerged in thoughts, images, recalls and awaits to hear, have a glimpse, hoping that one day his love and sacrifices will turn into reality I have said himself and not herself as it is rare that a girl overtly expresses her love or makes advances while boys dare to express and advance in expression, behavior, appreciation and love for her alone and none else. LOVE IS MAGNETIC - It may happen just by glimpse, meet, imagination, telepathy, perfect partner feeling in whom one finds as the sole person to share love and aspirations. The longer the await, the more one craves for and gets blind in emotions to succeed irrespective of at what cost and what sacrifices. In certain cases, life passes on hopes until death and in belief that failing him in this life will not deter him at all and that he will meet his beloved in heaven and in future life. On the contrary, in the present age, hardly some wait and sacrifice in hope till death and instead indulge in all sortsof tricks and mischiefs leading to attacking, kidnapping etc. They do not realize that such a behavior will result in hatred and enmity rather than love which one aspires and claims for. Love happens and develops by appreciating and accepting the beloved as she is in attitude, manners, behavior and habits and instead sees in her all charms, beauty, love and as a star with none of abject and so called vices. What a pity, astonishing and unprdonable it looks when the same lover who was all for  the beloved, soon after his sex satisfaction and enjoyment, happens to look into weaker parts of the beloved and indulges in rethink to marry or to keep in happy go lucky relationship until circumstances change and turn out favorable and if not,  to continue until  someone else of his liking crops up  and his or her marriage takes place this is the so-called  love of today, exceptions of course still exist but are rare. Fairy stories of love one enjoys in movies etc. and very rare in reality. Hence, I believe, sex satisfaction on both sides remains the principal criteria, followed by aims, attitudes, and communication, adjustment etc. of the couple to make or mar their relationship in love and happiness or get into conflicts, accusations, fights and in extremes to take to divorce and here after the so-called love turns into hatred and revenge. Therefore soon as both enjoy sex and feel to cement their relationship further, it shall depend on how both plan to live their future life what for and with what aims and objects, ready to face all odds and pleasures TOGETHER and failing that all dreams of LOVE and aspirations get shattered and life takes to gloom, depression and what not, and in extremes one starts thinking what is the use of this life to live in miseries, regrets and repentance.Alas, how the love is crucified, what for, it becomes difficult to bear with but we end up in recalling how and why it happened despite persuasion and advice, and with passage of time tend to forget and/or consign to destiny. TO SUM UP:

                        "My love is final, it is unbreakable

                         Let heavens fall, let destiny try,

                         let stars  fail to match, let hurdles

                         From all corners including parents,

                         Come about, let me be killed and crucified"

Let it be known in unfailing words that our love is eternal and nothing can influence us nor destroy it. It is the love which will accompany us in all our future lives till we reach the heaven to live and enjoy our love.

However love has many facets, the above narration is of love between lover and beloved but love also exists for parents, brothers, sisters, friends, a few of relations, with some who love the mankind  some who believe in their beliefs and religion, rituals etc. some love deities and GOD. In relationship and in reality love remains variable depending on how a person likes and nourishes it while for love between the lover and the beloved, there is no parallel.