Woman is Hesitant and Choosy Now and Man Needs to Adapt his Attitude Behaviour

27 November 2017 07:55

Time Has Changed
What a wonder; now the girls have become hesitant and choosy
-    Question Arises: What the boys are supposed to do now in changed circumstances;
-    God has made two opposite genders to attract and love each other.
-    God has created man and woman also  to live together in peace and harmony, then why paradox that girls are getting hesitant and choosy;
-    God Possibly envisioned that if he created man and woman they will love each, grow together, help each other to create family and children and will thus bring   about harmony among  themselves, with others and society at large.
-    Man and Woman for their convenience have devised various systems as to how the man and woman should get married and live in peace for themselves and woman should devised various systems as to how the man and woman should get married and live in peace for themselves and have created various beliefs, religions, frontiers and what not.
-    Unfortunately, plans of God and man are getting quickly dissipated and instead are fast moving towards infidelity, mistrust, frauds, fights etc.It is believed that compared to woman, man is a free bird, can indulge in infidelity,live in freedom as he likes, develop habits of his liking, good or bad, dominate woman
-    Folk without being questioned and she is to be in obedience always. Higher education, financial freedom, women empowerment, social media and economic Development have enabled woman to move about freely, work as equal to man, perhaps in certain spheres better than man. As the attitude of man has not changed as fast as that ofthe woman, in the environment of free society, the sheen of marriage has been superseded by boy and girl friendship, live-in arrangement, same gender relationship and added to these, Divorces have become quite common. Hence the girls have become hesitant and choosy. It will become more prominent and it is the girl who will decide with home to marry, whether
The spouse really believes in family, love, freedom, equality, to care and share responsibilities etc.  In addition to that, she also believes if somehow they are not able to pull on together, she will be more loser than her husband, as a result thereof, she has become hesitant and choosy:
Then question arises what should the man do and how he should behave in the these changed circumstances?
The answer does perhaps lie in the followings; man
1. Should never think of exploiting the emotions and sentiments of a woman.
2. Must realize that woman is independent, believes in equality and searches a partner who is embedded to this belief.
3. needs to be (a) polite, gentle, honest, Fidel, be a man of commitment and decision, shall care and share in all house-hold    responsibilities, shall give her preference in relation  to his family, shall be frank and honest,  shall shun his ego and instead will    allow his partner to communicate and discuss as equal,Shall believe in sincerity and never indulge in doubt about her sincerity, love and    behavior.
4. Must believe n principle of One Soul In Two Bodies..
5. Must believe in pre-requisite and essential of a family of peace and love which consists in tolerance, acceptance, honest attitudes, honest    behavior in words and actions, accepts diversity of views etc. etc.
6. Must believe that he needs to respect and care for his would-be in laws in the same manner as he does for his own family. 
7. Must believe that family is as important as his career and as such be amenable to the changed circumstances.
8. Love, harmony, trust, accommodating each other, though in divergence, of each Other’s views, no gender bias, doubting never the behavior of    his wife and her  Socializing with others in functions, celebrations etc.
9. Must believe that the time of teasing, criticizing, misbehavior etc. has changed and insteadman needs to respect the woman as a human being,totally equalin allrespects.
10. Must believe if he needs to be respected in society, it is essential that he respects his wife at HOUSE for all decisions she makes.
11. Must shun vulgarity and past relations, if any, to embark on intending relationship as final and doubtless.

Hence the man has to change his attitudes and behavior towards the girl than otherwise.