each and everything in excess breeds corruption 29-8-20

29 August 2020 06:38

EACH AND EVERYTHING IN EXCESS BREEDS CORRUPTION: it can relate to character, power, prominence, cruelty, makes one sole centred, dogmatic and arrogant. WHY SO? 1st it is due lust for power which means to enjoy, rule, dictate and leave none to disobey or challenge, In such a situation one assumes the powers knowingly or unknowingly of GOD and the moment this happens, downfall does happen. History is full of citations, Asa Ram, Ram Rahim are today examples. QUESTION ARISES WHY SO. ANSWER lies in the fact that what one has to do what one has amassed. Whether he/she wishes or not, the followers and so-called well-wishers push him/her to indulge in all luxuries of life and once a person tastes these, he/she falls victim to these, wants to enjoy more and more in prominence, sex, luxuries, to create more and more followers which happens through brutality, killings, destruction, wars etc. IT HAPPENS IN FAMILIES AS WELL but in a small way. ANYONE WHO IS BORN IS TO DIE ONE DAYS, hence fall happens through loyals, adversaries, family members, decay in health and strength due to old age and end comes about through illness or through adversaries, affected ones etc. AND SUCH A PERSON DIES IN REGRETS AND HELPLESSNESS. tks