life is long or short 28-8-21

28 August 2021 11:02

LIFE IS LONG OR SHORT , is a question which many answer in different ways. The poor and the believers are convinced that one's life is predetermined and that everyone will die on a particular day and in the circumstances determined by GOD, the educated and in modern society, many believe that life has nothing to do with predetermination and destiny, it all depends on its MAINTENANCE AND MEDICATION, which contains in exercise, taking care of food, take breaks in work, manage to live a happy and healthy life. Experience has proved this version and that with the change of activities, their method and use, have brought the span of life from 75 to 90 years in general, except by ACCIDENTS and INCURABLE DISEASES. Medical inventions and use have helped a lot to live longer, but to remain HEALTHIER, I think it is subjective and that besides taking care, consulting doctors and getting used to consume these regularly, do help a lot but not ALL. I think those who besides taking to medical aids, PRIORITISE AND TAKE CARE OF THEIR HEALTH AND MORE IMPORTANT AVOID WORRIES AND REMAIN HAPPY, DO LIVE LONGER. Besides experience to see that life in general has increased a lot and especially of those who are well off, can afford and are conscious of their health, do live longer, I relate it maintenance of a car etc., the better and regularly we maintain the car etc., the more years it runs perfectly well. THUS HOW LONG TO LIVE IN GENERAL DEPENDS ON HOW MUCH ONE CARES FOR HIS/HER HEALTH AND HOW LONG HE/SHE CAN KEEP HIM/HER WORRILESS, MORESO, HAPPIER. tks