progress what does it mean, 11th lesson 28-5-21

28 May 2021 12:00

PROGRESS WHAT DOES IT MEAN; 11th lesson; The greater one expands his horizon, the more knowledge one acquires, more ambitious one becomes and learns to work hard, compete and to excel others of acquaintance as also the ones imagined. ALAS everyone can't increase his/her horizon which depends on one's means to travel, see the world around, do sight seeing and meet people with different cultures, their mode of life etc. If one can't travel one can read, meet people of one's choice, get associated with associations of one's liking which shall help one to increase one's knowledge, build up ambitions and to work for that. Once the goal is achieved in one's small horizon, one, if one keeps up one's ambition, shall surely find one's ways and means to travel, see the world and people all over wheresoever one opts to go. HENCE TO EXPAND HORIZON IS ESSENTIAL NOT ONLY TO INCREASE ONE.S KNOWLEDGE BUT ALSO IT ENSURES WILL TO PROGRESS . 28-5-21 PROGRESS WHAT DOES IT MEAN: 4th lesson: CHANGE YOURSELF: most of the time, it is a nature almost with everyone to expect others to change and tune to our expectations, which in most cases does not happen and as such we admonish the other, cut off our relationship and if someone is dear to us, we invoke all sermons and means to explain and persuade. This also does not happen in most of the cases as the one whom we are endearing, in general, does not care and even if cares, does not feel inclined to change and/or feels that as he/she is fine with as he/she is and that change will not be in his/her interest, moreso one may think, when he/she is being asked to change, why should the other person should not change him/herself. Hence resistance, inacceptance and reasons not to change overrule upon the suggestion/desire expressed by the other person. As such NOT CHANGE and CONTINUATION OF SAME HABITS/ACTIONS influence the person who wanted the other person to change, gets unhappy and many a time decides to punish and/or take remedial actions to make the other person change. In situations of close relationships, feeling of inferiority/superiority gets complex, feeling of NO MERIT in suggestion, perhaps even selfishness, work-places etc.Finally CHANGE DOES NOT TAKE PLACE. Further to change another person is comparatively rather difficult, maybe non-achievable. HENCE IT IS MUCH EASIER 'WHAT IS CALLED "ÇHANGE YOURSELF THAN EXPECTING OTHERS TO CHANGE",reason being that you know your faults and weaknesses and as such become conscious of all those: this awareness and determination to get rid of those wrongs and undesirables, you make a start and succeed to achieve and eradicate them HEREAFTER,MARVELOUS, HAPPY AND WINNER YOU THINK ALWAYS ABOUT YOU; ..... PLEASE THEREFORE LEARN TO CHANGE YOURSELF AND NEVER EXPECT OTHERS TO CHANGE as otherwise you will get dissatisfied, disturbed and what not..,

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