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03 July 2021 10:51

PROGRESS WHAT DOES IT MEAN: 8th lesson: It consists of GUIDANCE AND TRAINING; in the first instance one is to make up one's mind as to what sort of guidance on needs and then accordingly to tap resources.It could be in career building, studies, health, family relationship and problems etc. If one has the means one can hire such services and if one does not, he/she has to identify such persons who have the desired knowledge and are willing to share with others. If that happens, so good and if not, one should search for those persons with whom he/she can associate by assisting them in their requirements and providing gratis the service for which the guidance givers have no time. It also sometime happens that one does not know how and whom to contact and by chance one comes across someone who narrates his/her experience and later on his/her unexpected and unsolicited narration/advice turns out handy to him/her in time of difficulties or needs. IT IS GENERALLY SAID THAT SOMETIME ONE COMES ACROSS A FAKIR(unknown person) AND HIS/HER ADVICE HELPS HIM/HER IN HOUR OF NEED. ii. TRAINING is equally important which helps one to acquire more knowledge/expertise and get the desired progress/results. Some time training is provided by the organisation one is working in while in certain cases, one needs to explore, find time and resources to get further knowledge and training to get the desired progress.LESSON; Guidance and Training are essential to upgrade and uplift oneself, how and wherefrom, it shall depend on the zeal and ambition one is enthused with.tks 10th lesson 3-7-21 PROGRESS WHAT DOES IT MEAN: lesson 10th NO RETALIATION: We need to be unmindful of how bad others think about us, caste disparaging remarks, get vicious, think and act in destroying or making us unhappy. Before I relate to how to avoid it, firstly I would say JUST IGNORE IT. When we ignore someone and do not react, the very purpose and intention of the other person gets mitigated/washed away in realisation that all his/her tricks and methods have no meaning to/effect on the intended person. Hence such a person shall try to forget about you and puts his/her attention to someone else, because it is his/her habit and he/she derives happines in doing such acts.. NOW HOW TO IGNORE IT IS A QUESTION; The answer lies in (a) in your realisation that it is his/her habit and as such whatever he/she say has no meaning except perhaps meant to harm you. Hence no RESPONSE TO TALK/ CONVERSION (2) Diverting to OTHER SUBJECT (3) Taking to some other job (4) say that you have to do some urgent work/maybe make an urgent call etc. For such an act/behaviour TACT and DIPLOMACY you employ, are important, how and in which manner to do it, shall depend on individuals. The SENTIMENTAL, EMOTIONAL AND SYMPATHETIC persons will not be able to do EXCEPT THAT WHEN BECOME CONSCIOUS AND PRACTICE TO GET OVER THEIR ATTITUDES/HABITS. For hardcore persons it will be far easy. LESSON; IGNORE AS BEST AS YOU CAN POSSIBLY WITHOUT HURTING THE OTHER. TKS 4-7-21 PROGRESS WHAT DOES IT MEAN; 9th lesson: LIFE COMPANION: The best relationship with life companion in accepting one as he/she is, to accept and admire life partner's qualities and to ignore weaknesses which depend on an attitude and are an art. Those who understand this and make an effort to make it a success, achieve not only progress in life but also lead a happy life. IT IS SAID LIFE PARTNER IS A GAMBLE.I do not think so, as I believe if one has mirrored one's qualities and weaknesses and analyses as to what type of partner one wants, whether supplementary, complementary, of same profession or not at all, or as a correctionist of one's habits etc, one in general is able to find a partner of his/her choice by keeping in view that TWO INDIVIDUALS HAVE THEIR OWN IDENTITY AND UPBRINGINGS and AS SUCH NEED TO BE ACCEPTED AS EACH ONE IS WITH DETERMINED AIM TO BE COHERENT AND ONE UNIT FOR ALL PURPOSES. With such behaviour, failure in marriage does not happen.