09 March 2020 09:39

HOW TO BE A PERFECT PERSON OR BE CATEGORISED AS A PERFECT PERSON. 7th step: TODAY MY PLAN IS TO EXPLORE AND DISCUSS ON THE ... HAPPINESS, why it is essential, what are the factors which affect happiness and to overcome them to achieve happiness; 1. WHAT AFFECTS HAPPINESS: (a) anger, (b) jealousies vindictiveness (c) losses (d) failures (e) betrayals and deceptions of conjugal relationship, children, relations, friends etc. etc. (f) past recollections and dreams (g) bad health, illness etc. (h) hostile environments (i) unhealthy work environments (i) poverty (j) birth happened in which caste, religion, environments, company and country etc.and regrets thereof (k) inborn deficiencies permanent and incureable etc. etc. HOW TO AVOID; (a) ensure good health (b) hold to your values of life and principles (c) learn and inculcate habit to remain unaffected despite all odds even unexpected ones (d) do things you love (e) find a purpose and take it to MISSION rather than a function (f) listen to conscience (g) learn acceptance without regrets (h) remain open to change ALWAYS (i) read and write about what pleases you the most (j) ENSURE TO REMAIN BUSY AND OCCUPIED WITH WHAT YOU LOVE..... ANSWER; HOW TO ACHIEVE HAPPINESS AND REMAIN HAPPY: (1) most important is to become CONSCIOUS OF WHAT DISTURBS YOU ((b) to analyse the factors and the reasons therefor (c) treat these as EVILS and be CONVINCED AND DETERMINED to eliminate these one by one daily or at intervals (d) measure results daily of the steps taken and if need be, to correct these with alternatives (e) tackle EACH FACTOR ONE BY ONE. the easiest ones at the earliest and difficult ones to be attempted at the last with enforced energy which you would havel achieved by success of the rest and confidence. BESIDES one can take to (a) meditation, yoga etc (b) search and be in the company of friends, relations, associations, groups etc. who share one's views and those who love to be in your company etc. (c) consign to destiny, IF YOU BELIEVE IN, and reconcile to in which family one is born, which cast, which religion, which environments etc. MOST IMPORTANT IS TO REALISE THAT HAPPINESS IS THE FOOD WHILE TO REMAIN UNHAPPY IS A POISON, choice remains to each individual whether to CHANGE ONE'S ATTITUDE TO DO ALL TO REMAIN HAPPY or to live in regrets and curses. ALSO IF ONE IS DETERMINED, ALL IS POSSIBLE. tks